Our Team

Michael Rigolizzo

Michael Rigolizzo serves as our Manager and Chief Executive Officer. Prior to formation of the Company, Mr. Rigolizzo served as the President and CEO of Duckweed USA, President of Green Power Corporation, Owner and Vice President of The Old City Parkominium, and Owner of Cedar Lane Construction, LLC. Through this experience, Michael has gained significant knowledge regarding the operation of private funds, commercial and residential development and the distressed real estate industry. This experience has provided him with the knowledge to analyze a distressed real estate asset purchase and the ability to manage that risk against a promised return to investors. All of this knowledge base was built in the alternative investment arena, buying defaulted distressed mortgages and houses to make a return that would cover overhead and purchase price while allowing the company to earn a profit. He has been utilizing that knowledge for over twenty years.

Office Number: (856) 306-8803

Joseph Cucinotta

Joseph Cucinotta serves an advisor. He has over 40 years of experience in the construction and oil waste/oil recovery industries. His depth and breadth of experience extends to construction, energy and waste oil management, and has resulted in many successful business ventures throughout his extensive career. Having built several hundred new homes, churches, bank buildings and commercial buildings, he has the resources, knowledge and ability to handle all of our construction needs. He also has been a founding member of two banks, sat on the board of directors of the Federal Land Bank, Newfield National Bank and Production Credit.

Lisa Pho

As an experienced real estate professional in the Southern New Jersey markets, Lisa has shown not only her professionalism and dedication to her clients, but works tirelessly to insure that every detail is thoroughly processed. She has worked with homeowners, attorneys, servicing companies, and other real estate vendors to workout loan modifications, reinstatement, payoffs, deed in lieu, short sales and foreclosures of residential real estate properties. Lisa has been instrumental not only bringing new deals to our attention but has proven herself an invaluable asset, sharing her vision for targeted real estate development, redevelopment and new approvals. Lisa is instrumental in not only sourcing new properties but also in assisting in every phase of the design, approval and development of both current and future projects.

Office Number: (856) 306-8802

Kevin G. Roberts (August 1954 - December 25, 2018)

Kevin Roberts left us suddenly on Christmas Day 2018. Kevin was a dear friend and a very gifted carpenter. Kevin worked for over forty years as a formally trained master carpenter. His knowledge and experience in both new construction, historic restoration and commercial development are unparalleled. Kevin had an incredible ability to teach those who were fortunate enough to work with him. He managed jobs from site work through to completion, from residential work through large scale commercial projects such as convention centers, casinos, hotels, etc. We were fortunate to have such a talented individual be a part of our team, especially in a market that strives to preserve the historic fabric of its community. He is greatly missed and is irreplaceable as both a friend and colleague.